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With the increasing frequency of “Personal Projects” tabs found on photographers websites, it seems more and more shooters are keen to distinguish between work and hobby — between paid work and non-paid work. Mark Bramley, a commercial photographer in the U.K., adeptly hops between the two. His barren landscapes are a counterpoint to the shiny, car-porn images he creates at his day job.

Bramley specializes in video and stills for car companies, but over the past eight years, he’s taken himself to remote spots in search of the nowhere spaces found in his captivating off-the-books photos.

“I think saying less gives more feeling to an image,” says Bramley who has sought out remote landscapes in Iceland, the American Southwest and the Swiss Alps. “I always travel alone when I’m out shooting landscapes like this, which I guess lends itself to a certain solitude within the images.”

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Test scores are a rough proxy for learning. Tests imperfectly examine selected domains of skills, so that we can infer what students know. Real learning occurs in the mind of the learner when she makes connections with prior learning, makes meaning, and retains that knowledge in order to create additional meaning from new information. In short, with tests we see traces of learning, not learning itself.
Principal: ‘I was naïve about Common Core’ (via gjmueller)

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